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Rek Room


Capturing any moment, whether it be moving or still is essential to your brand. Enter The "Rek" room and bring your vision(s) to life. As a creator you have to translate your vision so that you audience can comprehend your vision in more than one medium. The Rek Room is spacious, comfortable and the perfect setting to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Photograph with an ambiance of music of your choosing, a makeup and changing room—and if you have a large party the Living Room is available for you session for even greater comfort, so you will feel right at home.

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The Rek Room

  • Rates

    • $50/hr
    • $350/ Day (8 hrs, 2 hr. min)

    Deposit amount based on length of reservation

  • Amenities

    • Hair & Make up Area
    • Clothes Rack
    • Clothes Steamer
    • Sound System
    • Free Wifi

  • Equipment List

    • 2 Alien Bees B800 (10 w/s to 320 w/s)
    • 1 Alien Bees ABR 800 • Ringflash Unit (10 w/s to 300 w/s)
    • 2 Promaster Strobe Flash Units (300 w/s)
    • 4 LED Continuous Light Panels
    • 3 Impact PowerSync16-80 Transceivers
    • 2 Dolcia Proline Tripods w/ Ball Heads
    • 2 Manfrotto Detachable
    • Tripod Heads
    • Benro Monopod
    • 3 Camera Tripod Dollies
    • Glide Gear Professional
    • Camera Slider
    • Glide Gear Camera Stabilizer System w/ Vest & Arm
    • 64’’ Extreme Silver Umbrella
    (bright silver bounce interior / black exterior)
    • 51’’ Soft Silver Umbrella (soft silver bounce interior / black exterior)
    • Green Screen

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The Kitchen


With the state of the art hardware and software, the Kitchen is where you can create, mix, and master your body (or bodies) of work.  Whether you want to write, create a track, lay vocals or learn the essentials of recording, The Kitchen is where you can cook it all up! Catering to genres from Hip-Hip to R&B, Gospel to Rock, and everything in between, we believe you can gather your ingredients, season to your taste, cook them to perfection and serve to your audience one record at a time.

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The Kitchen

  • Rates

    • $40/hr (with own engineer)

    • $60/hr (In-House engineer)

    • $130/ $210 - 4 hr block ($30/50 per hr thereafter respectively)

    Deposit amount based on length of reservation

  • Software

    • Logic Pro 10
    • ProTools 8
    • Propellerhead's Reason 10
    • Waves Plugins
    • Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate
    • Universal Audio Plugins
    Plus more…

  • Hardware

    • Apple Mac Pro
    • MPC 4000
    • MPC Studio
    • Native Instruments Kontrol 49
    • Native Instruments Maschine Studio
    • Native Instruments Maschine MK2
    • Akai Advance 61
    •Ronald Phantom 1st Generation
    • Focusrite Saffire 56
    Universal Audio Apollo Twin
    • 2 Rocket 8 Monitors
    • Mackie Big Knob
    • Mackie MCU Pro
    • Rode NTA-1
    • sE Electronics Mic Reflector

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Living Room

Living Room

Whether you want to sign up for a class, host a party, teach a workshop or seminar, The Living Room is where it all can happen. With an intimate space of 425 square feet and equipped with a high end sound system for excitement you can feel, a large 55" flat screen television to present your vision, wireless connectivity and more, look no further than "The Living Room" to comfortably meet your needs.

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The Living Room

  • Rates

    $30/ hr (2 hour minimum)

    Deposit amount based on length of reservation

  • Equipment List

    • 20 Chairs
    • 5 Tables for classroom setting
    • 55’’ Television for movies and/or presentations
    • Sound System
    • Wired/ Wireless Computer Connectivity
    •Instructors desk

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Let your light shine in the Theatre, which is the perfect setting for intimate concerts and performances, birthday parties, recording music videos and more.
The possibilities are endless on New Haven's only publicly available Cyclorama Stage!

Featuring LED DJ lights, PA system with wireless microphones, wifi, and 55" 4K televisions to make all your performance dreams come to life!

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The Theatre

  • Video Recording Rates

    • $65/hr - (2 hour minimum)

    4 hr block- $220 ($55/hr thereafter)

  • Event Rates

    • $270 - 3 hr block ($65/hr thereafter)

    3 hr block minimum

  • Equipment List

    • Cyclorama Stage
    • Seating of up to 50-60 persons
    • 6 Tables Seating 6 adults per table
    • Two 55’’ Televisions for movies and/or presentations
    • PA System with wireless Microphone(s)
    • Stage Lighting (including color LED DJ lights)

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